Planning a wedding provokes intense stress to the couple. There are some factors, like the weather, that cannot be predicted. For all the rest, the right venue, the costs of the ceremony and the reception as well as the choice of an ideal honeymoon, Supreme Travel Center can guarantee you unique solutions for “the wedding of your dreams”, guided by your wishes.

Greece offers the opportunity to make your wedding celebration truly a memorable one throughout a range of beautiful venues, well-organized accommodation, awards winning caterings of international or traditional tastes and all kinds of entertainment.  Experience the natural beauty, the culture, the traditions and the generous people of the country, who wish you on that special day “Na zisete!” (“To have a long life” in Greek). Whatever the size and style of the ceremony you dream of, we are here to help make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

A truly intimate way to experience a “wedding abroad”.